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Anika and I were just whining that, once again, there are no snow/beauty white dolls at the upcoming Dolpa. Phooey! And then I thought… Kohya was the last LE snow release… and that was a year ago! No snow dollies for 2005 at all! So, in the interest of curiosity I’ve compiled a list of Volks beauty white and snow releases, thanks to Aimee’s fine record keeping and volks’ own sites (links listed at the very bottom).
I’m obsessed, and I know Anika feels the same way, with pale dollies. I originally ordered Fifi through FCS because I had to have a pale girl. HAD TO. Don’t get me wrong, I do not love my fresh tone girls any less… but pasty girls make me freak out. Completely. My holy grail is LE Sasha (and SD Nana, weeeeeeeeee!), but she is so elusive, and so expensive on the 2nd hand market that I’ve been patiently waiting for a re-release by Volks. But since there have been THREE editions of Anais since way back when I’ve given up hope, hence my FCS order I placed in LA. Blah blah blah…
So many of the dates/years I’ve completely guessed on, so please, if anyone knows for sure the year and Dolpa/Event a doll was released at, let me know! EDIT: Wah! Found a chronological history! Fills in some of the blanks…
Oh! Another EDIT: Does anyone know which LE’s use the special sato snow that is more yellow than the new pinkish FCS snow? And if there is a special name for them? Geek on me!
But read on! A rough chronological list of pale, wan, wasting, waxing, pasty dollies!

2000 August | Nono Shrine Maiden: old skin beauty white
200? Megu Hakama: old skin beauty white
2001 Taisho Romance Megu: old skin beauty white
2002 (?) The Twins Licht & Leona: old skin beauty white
2002 May 05th | Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Kira: old skin beauty white
2002 May 05th | Chris I: old skin beauty white
2002 December 15th | Chris II in Montparnasse: old skin beauty white
2003 June | Chris III in Hiroshima: old skin beauty white
2003 MSD Mika: old skin beauty white
2003 May Dolly Dolly Mag Raffle & 2003 August 10th Dolpa | Sasha: pure skin snow
2003 December | Sweet Dream Nana: pure skin snow
Dolpa 10 After Event
2004 Sweet Dream Nono: pure skin snow (limited to 30!)
Lottery for those who bought “La carte d’un Ange” book
2003 Sachiko SD13: pure skin snow
Limited to 100
2004 Kai: old skin beauty white
2004 Korean exclusive MSD Lilith: pure skin snow
2004 Kohya: pure skin snow
Dolpa 12 Winter
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