Orbyrarium: BJD Book

From the producers of Haute Doll! The first english language book dedicated to Asian Ball-joint Dolls. OMG, I hope it is as good as it looks! I’m reeeeeally excited about the Hypermaniac interviews. They’re fairly enigmatic, and my absolute favorite. And Mercy’s guide to all bjds ever. And so many patterns! My bonnet teacher is the lovely lady who did the pattern for the book, so all ya’ll will be able to get it now! And exclusive Liebchen… she’s gorgeous, btw, you have no idea the vast and exquisite skills of Miss Fancyboots.

Amazing cover art by Aimee. Mew.
Reserve a copy, for June shipment I think…
Karen, editor in chief, made a nice announcement on DoA for more info. If this one does well, there will be another! Please to buy.
Edit: Just found out from Mia that some pictures I took of Merry Wink (liebchen) are in the book ^_^ um… yayay!!!

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  1. I totally preordered that baby. Don’t know if I can make it to late June. I think they all know we’re used to waiting 8-10 weeks for our treats – boo hoo!

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