Ondine Alice visits the Blastmilk Dolly Hospital

Ondine & Lulu in Musedoll

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I finally did it. She’s perfect! I made stencil from a picture of her original hypermaniac painted brows, and did the face-up the way I had originally intended. Also took her a part and scrubbed and buffed her a bit. Whomever did her original sanding did a terrible job. Meh. Eventually Mr. Kallisti will work them down a bit, but for now she’s lovely. Restrung all snug and sueded. Much easier to pose. She’s got kicky leg syndrome normally. And with legs THAT size it can really hurt XD.

Both her and Lulu are sportin’ their loot from Musedoll.com. Exquisite. And so you know, the boots Lulu are wearing are reeeeeal leeeeeather. Mmmmmmm! Vegans beware! I love her little sweatshirt. Love all.
Ondine Alice's Third FaceupKsy shoes!lulu_moderne01Face-up complete!
aaaand you can see more progress pix here.

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  1. Loves Ksy, everytime I see yours I’m reminded how badly I want a Hypermaniac girl. Hope the new ones are released soon and won’t be so difficult to obtain. Ondine’s new eyebrows are perty.

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