Ondine Alice Mach II

A while back I had accidentally rubbed off some of Ondine’s face-up. Just her cheek but still, I would have to re-do her. I was never happy with her eyes anyhow, the red pointy bits had been an accident I had to cover up and it didn’t suit her much.
So, here she is… I couldn’t recreate her eyebrows perfectly so I’m a little distressed. I still like it muchly, but…
Will have to try again? Ugh…

Also shown here with Tiny Alice by Azone. I loves her so much! The dress is a very antique pale blue cotton velvet, with a complete pintucked underdress and pantaloons. She also comes with a Queen Alice crown, cape and sceptor.
Yesterday, I got the worst haircut in the world. The girl who does my hair moved away so I went to a local salon. A BOB AIN’T SO HARD IS IT? Even with curly hair? OMG. There were huge chunks that were sticking out (I say “were” because I cut them out last night), and the back and the sides don’t even up. WTF. Indeed.
At first I thought it just had some uneven bits so I was going to go back to have her fix. But it is a completely incompetent haircut, so now I will pay another $2839723 to have someone else fix it. Any east bay girls make a recommendation?
And I wanted to look nice for the DOA dolly picnic tomorrow. Sniff.

6 thoughts on “Ondine Alice Mach II”

  1. Aww… tough luck with the hair… It must be hard with all the curles.
    I’m also due for another re-styling, not enough to cut off for locks of love this time around tho…
    Hope it gets fixed soon! <3

  2. I’m always the last to know! ;cP Have fun at the picnic today. Hope you brought the camera.

  3. I totally understand about the hair thing….mine got fried when I went to get more blue streaks added in…my stylist and I were yapping and I totally did NOT notice she was going ahead and REbleaching the already blue areas…so now I have corn husk hair with platinum blonde streaks than sound crunchy and no blue because I was scared to have her do anything else after she tried to even out my swing bob….waaa! I understand!

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