Ondine Alice a la Sauvage

There’s nothin’ like a new pair of boots from Dollheart.com to use an excuse for a new photoshoot. Dreamy! Ondine wears her new brown ribbon boots with the dress from Volks made for Anais II. The wig is another one of Volks’ brilliant new wigs, in a wavey auburn (Volks calls it “copper” but they lie). Again, I am totally in love with the new Volks wigs, they are gorgeous. The texture is soft and lively, very sauvage. I’d definately buy this in other colors. Mmmmm.

More? Of course, and another thrown in of Ondine in her “Romance of London” outfit, which she was loathe to change out of.

4 thoughts on “Ondine Alice a la Sauvage

  1. WOW!!!! Impressive !!!
    SqUEE!!!.. we got the same bootsies!.. Iam glad to see it looks great in real photos !
    Mademoiselle Ondine Alice is breathtaking as always ~~~~~~~

  2. Gosh! Ondine looks like a victorian english girl! Actually, she reminds me a lot of Christina in “Flambards” in those photos though Ondine does have even more “attitude” than Christina. She needs a horse!
    I love the photo of her feet too, I’ve been known to go quite wild over pictures of dolls knees and feet!
    Your photos are really really gorgeous and so is Ondine.

  3. Hehe, I got my DollHeart brown-ribbon boots today:D They are awesome. I really love Ondine, she is something different – she looks great in the new wig, but I think she looks great in anything…
    – Therese

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