Ondine Alice

Her name gets longer every day…

Got off early today from work. Ran home to take pictures in my precious little daylight. And what do you know, the battery runs out. Just in the middle of a really great pose. Oh well, I think these are great! However you can really see the limitation of acrylic eyes in these pix. They reflect much more on the surface, whereas glass eyes also reflect light from within. Still, for $8 second hand these are great.
Ondine is wearing an outfit I made for Fifi this time last year, before she had even arrived! She’s also wearing one of the new fangled Volks shaggy wigs. I totally love it, it feels so real and the color is awesome. However, I had to trim about an inch off of the bangs! They were way too long, feh. I got five new wigs this week (zoink!)… so you’ll be seeing more pix.

7 thoughts on “Ondine Alice”

  1. Lady, you are too cool for school. Seriously. Gorgeous dollfies, a perfected reading eye, a love of curiosities, a cat named after the beautiful Zman (I hope she is feeling better), talent up the yazoo and exquisite taste…
    I kiss your rings.

  2. can u buy dolls like that, because i really want her. and then could u tell me were u might be able to buy the bases that these dolls have(in other words the bodys)cause i like em.

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