ohmigawd. ohmigawd.

EDIT: this is my 666th post. Eeeeek!
I just preordered Liz from Doll & Hobby. For retail. I was the fifth caller.
I can’t even stand it. I was so sad, and now I am happy. I feel like my head is about to explode. I shouldn’t have bought those baby pink zoukies off of YJP. >.< Looks like I'm going to have to make up to ebay. Sigh. BUY MY STUFF! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Doll and Hobby email below! Call them.

We have just been notified we can take preorders on the Dolpa 13 Limited
Dolls. The dolls we will take orders on are:
Heath Approximately $1012.
Liz Approximately $897.
Arashi Approximately $644.
Rengemaru Approximately $380.
Suzana Approximately $380.
Ushiwakamaru – Flute and Sword only Approximately $55.
LANTIS BLADE?Paradine Model2 Approximately $138.
Regulus Paradine Model5 Approximately $138.
Ming-Rei Episode2 version Approximately $128.
Ru Approximately $175.
Other items are:
V-Jeans?VS105 (MSD) Approximately $38
V-Jeans?VS201 (MSD) Approximately $38
V-Jeans?VS104 (SD) Approximately $40
V-Jeans?VS106 (SD) Approximately $40
V-Jeans?VSJ203 (SD) Approximately $40
V-Jeans?VS202 (SD) Approximately $40
V-Jeans?VS102 (SD13?Boy) Approximately $43
V-Jeans?VS105 (SD13?Boy) Approximately $43
V-Jeans?VSJ105 (SD13?Boy) Approximately $43
V-Jeans?VS204 (SD13?Boy) Approximately $43
Metallic Eyes, available in 14, 16, 18 or 20mm approximately $9.90
Deep Blue
Cat eye Yellow
Cat eye Gray
Cat eye Red
Cat eye Purple
Cat eye Blue
Dollfie Dream Optional Head :HDD-03
(Eye-hole opened) approximately $41.00
Dollfie Dream Optional Head :HDD-03
(Eye-hole closed) approximately $38.00
Isao’s Chair, Tokyo Boys Story approximately $275.00
SD Sofa B2S (Long, White leather) approximately $275.00
Please call to place a preorder. I cannot guarantee quantities I will
receive, so the sooner you order the better. These will not be on the
website, I am sorry. I must have all orders in by Sunday May 8th. Sorry
for the short time, but as usual, Volks gives me very little time to
Kyoto 3
Cyndy 2 $1014.
Kurenai $686.40
Rengemaru $380.
Suzana $380.
I cannot take preorders for these, as they are available in a limited
quantity to us. These should be arriving next week. I will do these in a
lottery system as last time, please CALL to get your name in for this!
Also next week we should be receiving a standard order form Volks. Be
watching, as normal things will sell out quick. I am hoping to be able to
order more with the preorder I have listed, but I cannot be sure. As
always, do NOT respond to this e-mail! If you need to e-mail a question,
send it to dolls@doll-hobby.com, or to me personally at info@doll-hobby.com.
Thanks again, Frank.

6 thoughts on “ohmigawd. ohmigawd.”

  1. Ooooh, congratulations! I still had my fingers crossed for you ever since you posted that you were going to give up on her.
    When there is a will, there is a way! 🙂

  2. Ah, I am so pleased for you :). I too was able to get on the phone and preorder both Liz and Heath; I wonder if we will have to wait until Septmeber as well? I can only hope that these are dolls Volks have on hand and will be shipping soon.
    See, your patience paid off! Hooray!

  3. I ordered mine too, but they never told me what call number I was, I will try to call tomorrow to find out.
    But I am still not sure, the lady said to me that they don’t know how mnay they are going to get. She said sometimes we can order 20 and volks will only send 4. I hope we all get then. I can’t believe the difference on price compare to ebay. I order Arashi and Liz, and the white sofa. I hope I get everything.

  4. Congratulations! Sounds like even Toy and Hobby are engaging in a wee bit ‘o scalping.. but so much less than everywhere else.

  5. Grats grats grats! I got the email from Frank and instantly thought of you ^__^
    I’m psyched you can have her for a human price!
    I can’t wait for pics, I’d order her myself if I didn’t have the current debate about having to liquidate my dollies (gasp, can’t breathe, hate the thought)…I’ve decided though that if it comes to that, everything but Nora’s head and a nekkid Lucy will go…I can always rebuild accessories & clothes right?

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