Oh nurse!

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I love being out from work for a couple days and coming in and finding my desk piled with packages. Weee! I had a package from Celga w/ the ensemble above and a Lemonade Doll custom wig (not shown). I had a box from Christina with my Fruit Punch! Joy! And Dolly Dolly 4 finally wended it’s way here from HLJ.com.
Miette’s been playing with my old steel syringe. The Nurse outfit is by KAT and I got it off of YJP for a steal. This is my favorite outfit so far, I think. And Miette snatched right out of Fifi’s little fingers. The dress is made out of a real nice polished cotton and zippers up the back. The hat is really well put together, you can’t see the back but it has that envelope nurse style detailing with a little pearl button holding it together. It has gorgeous uber poofy petticoat, a frilly white garter belt and stockings that the garters attach to. And it came with the clipboard complete with patient work up paperwork. The syringe is mine, circa “very old.”
Oh! And can anyone tranlate this note from Kat? I imagine it is just “Thanks, have a nice day!” or something, but I’d like to know. Afro Ken though, sheesh.

And here’s the last time you’ll see Fruit Punch in her natural state.

She was a trade from Christina (of the awesome Blythe outfits), I’m doing a custom Blythe for her. This is the best trade ever! Woot!

5 thoughts on “Oh nurse!”

  1. The note says:
    Dear Mr. Keigo Morita, representative of Celga Japan incorporated,
    Our sincere thanks for having bid on this dress set. If in the future we produce something that is to your liking, we hope that you will consider purchasing from us.
    From the KAT staff.
    Hope that helps!

  2. Yay! Thank you SO MUCH.
    It was like a secret message just for me, and you decoded it with Captain Cosmic secret decoder card!
    <- geek

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