Oh noes!

Ashenputtel has had an accident o_o


I was walking by the dresser upon which she was sitting and she just leapt to her near death all on her own. It wasn’t even Biscuit’s fault! Or mine really, I was feet from her when I heard a big thud. Creaky old bouncy wood floors… grr.
She was wearing the volks cateyes and the metal nose guards went right into her forehead between the brows. Too deep to lightly sand. I burst into tears when seeing it. Of all my dolls, Asch is the most precious. Aaaaaah! And it isn’t even the monies, she was a gift from Volks and Mr. Kallisti. She’s truly a dream doll and very magical to me.
I think I died a little. Oh gawd. Though I think Mr. Kallisti is wiley enough to fix it, it will not be a small project, though there is a possibility her face-up can be saved.
Moral of the story is do not leave glasses on dolls unless under glass. Cry.
Maybe I have a better case for that armoir now…

8 thoughts on “Oh noes!”

  1. Wow! That really sucks! Hope she can go into the dolly hospital for some plastic surgery. Well, you know our little imperfections make us all the more unique and special right? Maybe you can write into her story about how she got the scar… that is, if there is still one after mr Kallisti tries to fix her.

  2. How horrible!! I am sure Mr Kallisti can work magic on her, and she will just have an exciting story to tell about her big adventure.
    Big hugs to you!

  3. I hope Mr.Kallisti can fix her keep your hopes up *cries* Ash *waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh* anyways i hope Mr. Kallisti can fix her i like her : (

  4. I’m really sorry for her… hope, that everything will be all right. I’m sure it’ll be!
    pleas don’t be sad about that. for sure volks will do something about that 🙂

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