Oh boy, oh BOY!

1) Notice from Frank that my big ole Volks order is shipping.
2) Notice from Celga that 2 months worth of shopping is shipping SOON, including Mitten and Unoa face (the latest hasn’t arrived yet I think) and ALL KINDS OF STUFF.
3) Surprise item that takes 18mm eyes should be here any SECOND.
4) Lusis: January is creeping closer and closer and closer… eeeep!
5) Volks has the new pattern book, but shipping is $25. And CLEARLY there isn’t anything else I need. Pines for patterns.
I am so spoiled I could shoot myself.
Resolution for New Year: save for car, d’oh!
Oh, but I’m looking for Jun Tachibana’s outfit *cough*… NEEDS IT.

One thought on “Oh boy, oh BOY!”

  1. Pattern book available on Ebay…bought and on it’s way to me!! $50.00 total including shipping by EMS from Japan.

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