It must be (almost) October in Dollyland!

Lost Angeles Dolpa! Something to look forward to:


Baby the Stars Shine Bright… we get a second chance! Waaah! Good thing, cuz I’m not jonesing for any of the other special releases. Heh.
Trick or Treat! Volks’ October Collection… swoony!


I love the crazy boy shoes with that outfit. They’re also getting better with the hats. I’m not hating them so much.
I’m still here though. Still fixing my blog. Working on the backend at DoA. Working at work.
But I’m flying out to Chicago at 6am tomorrow to attend the Adobe Max conference and taking Mr. Kallisti with me so I don’t have to fly alone :p
I’m such a noodle.
But we’re staying at The Allerton, which looks super swank, and is right in the middle of the Magnificent Mile. So go me! I may be a Flash in the pan, but it’ll take some Ajax to get those Flex out. Or I could just photoshop it.
OMG, look! A couple of my dolls!
Astræa & Aphra sitting on their new mantle. Astræa is wearing a dress I made between all the chaos. The over dress is out of scraps of embroidered edwardian batiste, over green and white seersucker I tea-dyed ages ago. My own pattern *proud*

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