Odd Dolly Shoe Database

Ksy shoes!
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for: Ksy, So-Som, Narsha, & Liebchen!
Ok, now you know just how crazy I am. I’ve started to keep track of my shoe experiments for the odd dollies. Mainly because I’ve ordered 234745 cheap shoes from Audrey’s to at least try and get these girls shod, and I can’t keep track of what I’ve tried or not.
Here we have Ondine in her 100-series french style slippers. They are narrow, so while great for Liebchen at 49mm, they squeeze the toes a bit on Ondine at 87mm. However, they aren’t big man boots, and that goes for sumfin’. Don’t it?
This is an internal document I’m making public, so please excuse the rudimentariness of the presentation.
Click for the Odd Dolly Shoe Database. [2015: added to Google Sheets! Odd Dolly Shoe Database]
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2 thoughts on “Odd Dolly Shoe Database”

  1. That’s a great idea! I have a Ksy too, and I know it’s hard to find shoes for her. It will help me a lot, thank you very much for your database! ^^

  2. You are my Personal Goddess! My Liebchen is barefoot except for some Teen Trendiness.
    No comment for those of you who actually OWN Hypergirls! (pouts of envy!)

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