O, Happy Day!

Volks store to open in LA in October! And will be offering FCS!

July 21, 2005
Tenshi no Sumika -Angels Nest in LA – OPEN!!
Dear all of our Super Dollfie fans in the U.S.
Finally, we are happy to offer various goods and services for all the SD fans in the U.S.!
Volks is opening Tenshi No Sumika – Angel’s Nest- in Los Angeles, California in October, 2005!
Not only Super Dollfie, but also Super Dollfie Full Choice System is available!
We have many goods for SD in our new shop; wigs, glass- eyes, shoes, dresses! Also make-up materials, maintenance tools, and many many more!!
The shop where we will support you & your SD is coming soon.
Looking forward to seeing you at Volks shop in LA!
Big Surprise!
Exclusive LA shop Opening Anniversary Edition Super Dollfie will be on sale for the opening in October!
Also in July, LA shop pre-opening special sale will be held on our website! Exclusive Super Dollfie will be on sale and the details will be announced on the web site soon.
For more…!
A special VS membership will start prior to opening shop.
The membership is limited only for SD owners.
The VS membership will have many privileges like latest SD news, invitations for various VOLKS events, and more.
(This membership will not be available to non SD owners and to who registered with false information.)

From a wee news item link near the bottom of the page.
So my Liz money will goes in a holding tank, either for LE LA doll or FCS! Ordered here in the USA! Woot.
I want to go to Disneyland too.

2 thoughts on “O, Happy Day!”

  1. Hiya,
    I am so excited about the Volk’s store!!! I am going to Southern Cal in Jan and can’t wait to see the store. I wodner if they will be able to do a touch up on my SDC Kaede? Oh, how I hope so!

  2. Hello there. Just got back from the Vegas Doll convention and got a really cool flyer on the new store coming to your area. Looks like it’s going to be really, really nice, and got introduced to the manger. Doesn’t speak much english yet, but seemed very nice. I’m going to try and put pictures of the flyer on my site, but I don’t have a scanner so not sure how they will come out. But will put up the text messages that they have on it and about it. Looks like it’s going to be very good for the US.

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