no reason.

just playin’ with the camera…



And vegetarians, look away! My brother brought us some super special spanish paprika, so I did a rub on some TJ’s pork chops and Mr. Kallisti made a couple of his super fantabulous giant salads to go with. This pic is awesome. Macro with dusk light coming in from the side kitchen window and overhead incandescent. It rocks!
paprikachops 001
I’m really happy with the camera so far. It is tiny, but has excellent metering and light settings that are intuitive and easy to get to. Except for resizing, the above pix had no photoshop magic done.

5 thoughts on “no reason.”

  1. Great shots! The girls are glowing!! I am jealous of your camera! And I’m psyched you’re reviewing it so much (well obviously you will in the newness stages). I am dying for a Nikon myself since my digicam pooped the bed.
    I worked in a studio for 3 years and the boss was such a Nikon-hed if you came in with anything else you were asking for a “tsk tsk”, funny, somewhat unprofessional, but still amusing to see. You should have heard him go on about Canon ~_^

  2. I got your dvd! We haven’t watched it yet, too many engagments. It loooooks fuuuuuuuun though.
    I love the camera. It is very tiny, but has just enough noodling capability to really play. We took it to the camera store to fit lenses and there are several good options for fancy nikon lenses. Nice!
    Nothing I don’t like so far. But I’m pretty easy. Now my dad and brother are photographer’s (my dad is professional). They are hard to please, but my brother recommended this one and the place we bought it from.

  3. Hey, I get paid for my shots! You’re right though, dAd is THE man.
    Nikon has some nice rigs. But they have cons as well as anyone else. Which is why I was forced into buying a dumb Canon digital camera. The cons were something I could deal with.

  4. > Hey, I get paid for my shots!
    Hey, I didna know. Why don’t you tell me about it sometime!

  5. Glad you got the prezzie, save it for a rainy day! Tis a good flick and I hope you enjoy it (you must see The Devil’s Backbone too!), there’s a lot of heart in it, and you’ll love the granddaughter methinks, she is my favorite, a lovely character.
    Why is that cameras are so teeny these days? I have baby sized hands but it’s still a pain to handle some of them without fear of dropping ’em, good to hear yours is easy to adapt to, arg me want new camera >_<

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