New from Volks?

Also, what is this? New Kit Customize Figure:
Is it 1/6th, or…? The base body is only 5,000 yen so probably. Looks like there will be five heads to choose from? Reminds me a bit of the new Azone PureNeemo 25cm figures, except more ball-jointy. Which, btw, will be available as seperate customize figures in January or February as opposed to just dressed dolls.
This Volks figure seems to be available in January… anyone know anything?
EDIT: Blookat posted the English link! Personally, I think it is really neat. And it is ball joint small vinyl! Hoping we can get some on this side of the pond eventually…

2 thoughts on “New from Volks?”

  1. wow! i have to get that new Volks figure! does anyone know where you can buy them? there about $45.00, $$$! ^-^

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