New Cammy Test

My new Sony Cybershot T20 came two days ago! Aieeee, is it supercute. Not always a prerequisite when camera shopping, but sure is a nice perk.
I’ve been down with a muscle spasm in my neck that has rigored half of my head into a piercing ball of stabbing pain for the last four days. I finally gave up and stayed home today and am seeing the physical therapist this afternoon.
But I snapped a couple shots to test this baby’s mettle.

Settings: ISO 800, auto white balance, macro & extreme macro. This is on my doll stage, cloudy day, and I have light green see-through curtains that cast a sickly pall, er light over everything. Only one shade was open.
They’re gorgeous! Look how they glow! And this is at 3 megapixel too, resized to 800×600, since I’m still using the internal memory (yes, it has 32 megs on board).

3 thoughts on “New Cammy Test”

  1. I’m so sorry I’m late with an update! I thought I’d gotten back to you about the Nikon — and realized I hadn’t just now!
    I’m still struggling *so* much with the digital camera I’m borrowing from a friend that I don’t feel prepared to buy one.
    Best of luck with your sales! And I do hope you feel better soon!

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