I’m looking for 20mm AR or Zoukies or even Tallina’s in a pale or pale-pale blue! If anyone has any such eyes they would like to sell me, please email me at: b.head [at] sepulchritude [dot] com
I needz eeeeeeeeeeyez.

Also, light pink striped cotton fabric, fairly small stripes suitable for super dollfie. I’ll be checking my local shops too.
Please disregard all the other crap I want to buy. I’m just silly.

4 thoughts on “Need!”

  1. I think I have some pink and striped fabric. Want me to look and then scan it to see if it’s something you want? Maybe we could swap something. Or I could just give it to you because I’m trying to get rid of stuff. -_-*

  2. Hello,
    I have a question do Dollfie Plus eyes fit EB B heads?
    Do they have to be the 6mm, or the 8mm?

  3. 8mm works fine in the beauty b body heads, if that is what you mean 🙂
    The “eb b” heads are vinyl and don’t need insertable eyes.

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