My doot-di-doo dolly waiting list

I don’t usually post wish lists… but I’ve currently got SO MUCH up in the air, and I keep obsessing so hard about what I’m waiting for that I thought I’d let you all know what I’m up to [queue doom music].
Fancyboots Liebchen: Don’t know when to expect her but I’ve already named her Merry Wink! First release by doll artist Fancyboots at about 16″.
Hypermaniac So-som: due sometime in December, unpainted and ready for customization. My first tiny bjd at 13cm.
Angelregion/Notdoll “Only For You” Cossette: They’ve hinted she may ship in time for Christmas, but I’ll believe that when I see it! I’ve pined for Cossette since I missed her original release. It has always needed to be a snow white girl so I didn’t order the basic of UFK kit. And just now they are offering custom girls in any skin tone for a discounted holiday price. I ordered Cossette girl in milky white resin, with silver bob, light blue eyes, extra fisty hands and sad eyebrows. I was going to add an extra Angelica head and sell my current UFK kit to fund this whole project until I saw the following entry on YJP.
White Angelica #1: bought for a pittance on YJP, just barely over what I would have paid for just the head at angelregion. I am so freaky excited to have her. She’s also coming with an extra outfit that belonged to the Glory Angel boys. So this is why I’m selling my Angelica. (new) Lizzie & Cossette will be creole sisters, and will be continually taunted by their snooty french cousin Miette. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Demelza’s new body: also from YJP auction, a new FCS body with medium sized boobs. So I’m sellling Demelza’s old body that has been cleaned, restrung and sueded for happy posing abilities.
FCS F16 in snow: Due by January 19th. Order placed at the LA Volks store opening with Mikey supervising ^_^ I’m so excited, this experience was beyond belief. I didn’t order a Sasha clone, as I don’t think she would look enough like Sasha anyways… she’s more like a big sister. I attempted to give her some dramatic coloring and brows, very curious to see what volks does with my sketches/instructions. But there is always a chance that I’ll wipe it clean and do something totally different. I’m still not entirely clear on her name or personality, I think she’ll have to tell me in person. We’ll be making a kamikaze trip down to LA as soon as I get notice that she’s ready. They would have shipped, but I so want to pick her up in person. What’s a seven hour drive for true love, anyways?
So that is it. I am completely inundated with WAITING. Believe it or not, most everything has been paid for by extra work and selling/trading (even if the auctions are still in progress). I’ve been working extra hard on commissions and extra work to make all this happen and have had very little time to actually PLAY with my dollies. Poor Medora is waiting for a faceup, she’s got one eyelash hanging off and can’t find a THING to wear with all that makeup on. I’ve got a commission in to work on so I’ll probably do her then.
The amazing thing is I still see new dollies that I covet. I want to stab myself in the eye each time! Shinku and Latidoll (grown up) Lea. OMG.
And then there’s a boy… I need a boy. We shall see. Sometime this year I hope to find someone for my girls to pick on. My Artful Dodger… my pale english school boy. My Mr. Cranky Pants.
And don’t even mention the outfits I’m trying not to preorder/buy. Ajumapama and Dollheart be damned!