My Dodger

In Tribute to Jack, here’s my Artful Dodger!

Ondine Alice & Saint Trinian cuddle in their new duds. They look like something out of a book Dickens never wrote. Ondine Alice is in Dollheart’s “Earl” while St. Trinian is froofy fruffy in Ajumapama. The Dollheart outfit is less expensively constructed than usual, but it was reflected in the cheaper price. It is still gorgeously cut, just the velvet isn’t as fine as their other outfits. I like the trend towards lowering their prices a bit so this is really cool. The boots are amazing, but too short for Ondine’s long calves… they bulge inappropriately on the back of her lanky calves, and Mr. Kallisti had to use pliers to snap them shut, but oh well. They rock! I think the Ajumapama outfit would have been better with mary janes rather than boots, the boots cover the socks almost completely! Still, very cool.

Saint Trinian is in sore need of body clean up and face-up redo. As are several of my dolls. But I think her and Miette are definately next in line for the spa!

3 thoughts on “My Dodger”

  1. What beautiful new outfits. And, it is indeed true that they both look like a match in something that Dickens would write. +Le sigh+ Even if the prices were cheaper, it is still a fair piece.
    (But, then again, I don’t know much about any of this…I think the outfits are gorgeous none-the-less!)

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