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Leetle Miss Noname! Ok, k… we’ll get to that.

But here’s a couple early dawn light snaps of Muse in her hastey but tastey face-up. She’s showing off the effectiveness of the picket fence Mr. Kallisti built for the doll stage to keep Biscuit out. It works! S’awesome.

She’s just marvy. She’s similar in color to So-som, but just a little more yellow to the pale resin. But pinkier than Volks pure-skin white. She comes with an extra set of hands, normal and fisty (squee!) and this pretty ash blonde wig. At 44cm she is the same height as msd, but chubbier. The little Volks boots are really squished on, and slender dollheart boots don’t fit. She has a big head at 8.5″. I need to try some other wigs on her to see if she is a stretched msd sized or a slightly roomy sd size.

No new technology on the headcap *cry* Mr. Kallisti did a retro fit on Ksy and fitted her out with magnets et al. Muse will need the same treatment, as currently the elastic is attached directly to the hook in the headcap.

2 thoughts on “Muse”

  1. Hi Becky,
    LOVE your little Muse. Now, I’m wondering if I should just get her. What you’ve done with her is amazing. Such talent.
    What is the magic that Mr. Kallisti does with magnets inside the heads? That elastic and screw in the headcap was a totally new design to me…
    I sent you pix of my Ishta…via email. Love her.
    Off to think about Muse if she’s still available.
    Happy New Year,
    Wendy Rundel

  2. I love your Muse, and have one of my own. But would love to have her fitted with the magnetic headcap. Can yu tell me who/how it is done?

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