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Went and saw Harry Potter yesterday. I saw the other two on video but this one I was really interested in seeing the theater, as it was directed by Alfonso Cuarón of “Y tu Mama” fame. I thought maybe a shot of Harry & Ron ejaculating into some gothic fountain would have been a nice touch, but I wasn’t that lucky.
Oh, but I loved it, I really really loved it. The art direction was fantash and actually had me gasping and squirming with delight at many parts. Gorgeous and spooky and crusty and so many gothic arches and screwlies and dusty tomes, and naturalistic light instead of the well-lit, freshly scrubbed, pseudo disneyesque gothique of the other two films. The storyline was a bit more adult as well which leant itself very well to the starkness of the the plot.
Oh, um, and the best thing? The cast. It is, of course, what saved the other two pictures, but I was squealing in my seat when I realized Michael Gambon had taken over for poor Richard Harris. Absolutely FAB. Not to mention Emma Thompson, Gary Oldman and David Thewlis. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! I almost bought a Lupin figure last night because it was a teensy tiny David Thewlis. Woot.
Um, and this week on Video…
Watched “Girl with a Pearl Earring” last week and was SO surprised. I was expecting it to be disappointing but I was heart poundingly thrilled with it. It is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. Again, art direction and costume are the winners here. You will die. If you care at all about the Northern Renaissance go. see. now. Scrum! I thought I’d be super annoyed by Scarlett Johansen (although I like her in other stuff) but since she hardly says a word and just has to look demure, surprised and frightened through most of it, and she does these painfully well with big moist cherry red lips, she was very appealing. I say fuck the critics (again).
It is slowly and delicately paced, and doesn’t have an ending a hollywood audience would have voted for. But I like that. I really do.
I will own this movie. Yup. I want to lick the screen.
Saturday I got my latest Volks order. And DAMMINT. I ordered a tan a head to go with my tan excellent body and it is a very strong shade lighter than the body! I’m going to try and just dust it up with high coloring and seal it, but I can’t believe how much off they are, and I bought them within a month of eachother. But I also got lots of other stuff, black bra & panty set FINALLY. Yay. And eyelashes and wigs and stuff.
Um, also, will be doing more ebay because I had to order some of the Ajumapama boots from Karin. So cool. Retail. Regular US shipping.

But I have to cover my expenditure with ebay. Yay.

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  1. Hello! I wandered over here after following a link on the forum and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site & dolly pics. Your dolls are lovely.
    Cheers! ~ kimako

  2. You liked the new Harry Potter movie? I agree, the cinematography was nice… but man, the plot was… dismembered and hacked up, then reassembled with safety pins. -_-* I don’t get how they’ll be able to do later movies.. because they left out important stuff int his one! Like that Snapey-kins has that debt to Harry’s dad, the whole marauder’s thing was totally cut out, no Wolfsbane potion, no Crookshanks/Sirius deal… then a whole bunch of action sequences that were stupid and not in the book! Meh, maybe i’m too much of a purist.
    My favorite part wasn’t from the book though. I LOVED when Harry woke up in the middle of the night and Ron was having a bad dream.
    Ron: *panicked* Harry, Harry, I don’t want to tapdance with the spiders….
    Harry: You tell them that, Ron…
    Ron: Okay…

  3. ha! see, I cheated. I never read the book 🙂
    been meaning too, like on a long train ride ‘cross country they’d be perfect.
    so any plot missteps and I’m completely oblivious. I agree the script was weak in parts, but it was so gorgeous and fun that I was distracted.

  4. I didn’t like Mustachioed! Lupin at all. Eesh. Plot was shaky and butchered too.
    Harry’s little thought of getting a house in the country with Sirius was so funny, but I was the only one laughing in a theatre packed with childs. Hmph.
    Oh god, that fountain comment was beautiful. XDXD

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