more pictures! oh boy!

Tomorrow we’re going to a Blythe gathering, but I’m also bringing Fifi along as she needs to get out more! This will be her first trip abroad. We’ve been fussing about how to transport her all week. She’s too folded up in our big picnic basket and the same would be for the small rolly suitcases we looked at. So rather than folding her up in the basket, Mr. Kallisti came up with this:

When he called me into the room to ask me a question I almost pee’d I was laughing so hard. He took a 2×4 cut to length, and wrapped that in batting. He’s encased her feet in a sock and yes, that is half a plastic cup wrapped around her face. She’s then tied to the board with rope. Through my giggles I asked him if he was going to lay her on the railroad tracks. He shrugged “you paid a lot of money for her, I don’t want anything to happen.”
We’re then going to wrap her in a towel. In any case, we’re in the market for a violin case she’ll fit into.

And I apologize for more Polly pix, she’s quite the camera whore. And these are a bit similar to yesterdays, but look how awesome she looks in Calliope’s original outfit!?!? Much better, bunny girl.

Last but not least, here’s Totoco Kisara in the new leather girl outfit by Takara, and grown up Mazzy in Azone’s prefab punky girl oufit. Swoony!






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  1. What cameras are you selling? Hmm…if you’re wanting something in the $300 range, you should try the Canon A80. It’s around $379.99 (am quoting from Wolf/Ritz Camera) and a pretty good digicam. Nat has one and you can see her pics with it on her blog. I’d totally recommend mine but they discontinued it. But they do sell it on ebay and brand new ones at that for about $400-$500 still. Mines also a 4mp but mine kicks ass at lowlight and has an even sharper lens for macro pics. A loooong battery life too!

  2. Oh! That is so sweet, thank you! I’m looking at canons now…
    We’re selling an 3 yr old kodak 3400 and sony cybershot something or other.

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