Mmmm. Lemonadedoll.

Look at how cute Nono is in her little panda ears.
Lemonadedoll rocks veritably. But most of all it reminds me how much I love SD classic. The Nana’s, Nono’s & Mimi’s… Maybe an FCS snow Nono classic is in my future, eh? Love her.
And the four sisters. It just doesn’t get much better. Honestly, except for a few occasions, I don’t think Volks has outdone their original sculpts. They have such spirit and versatility. Sigh.
Where’s my Fifi? She needs out of the head cabinet. Meh.

4 thoughts on “Mmmm. Lemonadedoll.”

  1. Ohhh nono10… Love her! <3 I’d die to get an original Megu… Her face is perfect for gothic makeup!
    Poor Fifi…. Let her out to play!

  2. hi, i thought you’d like to see this- i found a nono on ebay uk, i can post an address but you could do a search for this title and you should find it:
    super dollfie doll brand new SD NONO in usa volks
    hope it works :O)

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