Miss Medora Bee

Introducing Miss Medora Bee! Spent last weekend watching BBC costume dramas, one of which being Byron… Medora being a character from “The Corsair”, and also the [middle] name of his love child by his half sister. I’d been reading about the women in Byron’s life recently and couldn’t get the name Medora out of my head. So there we are.
I love her! She’s pure snow white! Not a drop of color in her pallid resin. She’s also very wee, about 13″. Everyone keeps asking when I’m going to wipe her face off. I kinda like it, dammint! It is actually very well and delicately executed. She’s my leetle ghost girl. I love her hands, very expressive. She shipped from Korea on Sunday and arrived here Tuesday morn… ‘magine that!

10 thoughts on “Miss Medora Bee”

  1. I have to say, while the very pale ones just aren’t my cup-o-tea, Miss Medora is exceptionally prettier in person. I think it’s the very pale eyes that do it for me. I’m happy that she arrived in time to be your Halloween baby!

  2. Gorgeous!
    What a pretty little vampyre.
    She makes me think of many stories I had in mind. About kids in the Vampiric world.
    Her name suit her well I must admit!
    Told ya you would received her on time for Halloween!!!

  3. Wow she is better in person. Reminds me of my Faery Fae Ghost girl, fashioned her make up after the Boding Alice, and just love the “dead” look on her. My girls life was taken by Jack the Ripper.

  4. I think Medora’s faceup is marvelous. She looks like she haunts some grand hotel, where she waits for her socialite parents to show up and claim her. But, of course, they never do. i bet Medora barely speaks above a whisper and one of her favorite pastimes is to watch people as they slumber. =0)

  5. Well, Thank the Heavens Medora didn’t arrive with TWO heads!! 😛 “Byron” was wickedly disgusting & I LOVED every minute of it. JLM~Swoon~

  6. Ola, sou Brasileiro e amo dolls caramba eu achie esse site tudo de bom…adorei as dolls Gothiloli ainda uma dia conseguirei uma doll tb XD abraços valeu.

  7. shes beautiful u should make some lil ones and sell them in nostalga and comics the big collectables shop

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