Miss Hermione Menace

At long last! This is Miss Hermione Menace. She’s too grim, too lovely. She paints her toenails green and likes to go barefoot down Main Street. She just wants to get one thing straight… she is not a Sasha clone, or a Sasha stand-in. She believes Sasha could certainly be tolerated, as a distant cousin, or bastard half-sister, but she doesn’t want anyone to be so gravely mistaken as to assume that she is in any way second choice to a Sasha.

Brown seems to be her color! Thanks to Annie for the Dollheart “Elegy of Tints” outfit and to my drunken New Year’s Eve purchase of Milky Angel’s “Sister Maid” which is all deep brown and pink. Eeeeeeee! Sister Maid! Give me some chocolate benediction!

We had an amazing weekend. Woke up at 2am Saturday morning and were on the road by 2:45am. We checked into our hotel by 8:45am and slept for an hour before we called Aimee. We met at the Volks store promptly at 11am and it was already hoppin’! Aimee & Annie were already there, and so were Paul & Melissa. Yayay! And Mercy and friends too! Several people were there to pick up their FCS’s as well. It was awesome seeing everyone’s dolls, they were all tremendous! Lots of chitty chatting and shopping. Bailey (who doth rock, verily) did the honors of presenting us with our dolls, making sure everything was in order. I was on pins and needles and strangely nervous… I had asked for her not to have her eyes and lashes in so I was a bit nervous for her to be seen “naked”! So silly… Bailey put on her little white gloves and slowly peeled all the padding, pillows, and wrapping from my FCS to reveal… absolutely picture perfect what I had ordered. Really stunning. Down to the smallest detail. I had given rough sketches and lots of verbal instructions into what I wanted her to look like. Smokey eyes in soft grays with a hint of pink… w/ coral and red full lips, and a nice blush to the apple of her cheeks. Her lips are amazing. I haven’t been able to photograph it, but you can see the line detail in certain lights. So many layers! Very exquisitely done. We spent the whole day more or less at the store! Went to Curry House for lunch w/ 14+ people and then went BACK to the Volks store to have a quick visit with AJ & Judy. Judy was a hobbit, squeeeeeee! Cute-cute!
And THEN! Paul had invited us back to his place to make use of his glue and Mr. Super Clear and eye clay. Much fun was had and then off to awesome Mexican food at Pancho’s.
We were so tired, but we managed to stay up til 9pm, woot! And then back to the hotel for the best sleep ever. We were on the road again at 9am and made the long drive home.
I got home from work today to find a giant box in the living room… my brother sent home a brand new set of three photographic lamps for my doll stage! Aieeeeeeeee! Three for real lightzes! You can see the difference they made above, so gorgeous. There was no trying. All was good.
I’m in love. With everything.
Oh, and coolest thing? Her headplate says #00005! My FCS ticket #!

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  1. OH MY! I love your girl!!! She is the best of all the FCS’s I’ve seen. I got mine just last night (finally, and she is number 0001 !!!! I wish I had asked for more color, but overall I’m liking her fine. Email me and I’ll send you a picture.
    PS: If I EVER get another FCS, I want YOU to describe her to Volks for me!!!!!!

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