Minx of Hearts: 24 hours!

The outfit has 24 hours to go!
Just for hoots I put Fifi in the Minx outfit and it fits surprisingly well. Tightened the lacing all the way and it’s just a tad loose and the bust peeks out the side a little. Heheee.


So cute!
We were going to do the Halloween decorations today. We even got up all early to do some shopping before the traffic started. I was eating my breakfast when I heard Mr. Kallisti hollerin’ in the back room like heck. I thought he was having a heart attack but it was his lower back going out. Eeeek! I can so sympathize as this used to happen to me quite a bit. We put a heating pad on it for a couple hours on high, and now he has a heat rash on his lower back! So now he is totally broken. I asked him what he wanted from the store and all he wanted was White Castle cheeseburgers. Aw!

3 thoughts on “Minx of Hearts: 24 hours!”

  1. Poor Mr. Kallisti! What did you do to him when he got back from Michigan, hmmm??? I know you missed him, but gee…now he’s broken. Fifi looks cute in the Minx outfit…I’ll be bidding tomorrow…I’m a last minute kind of bidder, ya know.

  2. Yeah, hope those pills do something. Other than put him to sleep that is. Someone else left early today because of throwing out her neck. Bad week for pain.
    I got a mesquite cinder in my eye ball last week. Burned me good. It’s still lookin’ freaky. That should count for something.
    Dr. B.

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