7 thoughts on “Minx of Hearts”

  1. Heya! I just wanted to tell you that the Minx of Hearts outfit is really cool, I think it looks great. Very unusual style and looks like it is well put together. Are you planning to make more auction stuff in the future – I will definetely keep my eye out for it.
    Oh, and by the way, I adore Biscuit, I don’t care how evil he is, he’s just gorgeous.
    – Therese

  2. Lovely, and as I said before, I will be bidding!! How do you like your dress form?? I’ll bet it makes it easier to create…can’t wait to see future beautiful outfits!

  3. *sobs cause she can’t buy it* Not a professional seamstress? Coulda fooled me… How long have you been sewing? Did you take classes? I think I need to… T_T I stink!

  4. Az, I absolutely LOVE the dress form, it is very practical as well as great for displaying!
    And Moon, I’ve been sewing since I was little, my grandmother taught me. But I’ve never been perfect, and I like to state that 🙂

  5. Um. Okay. This outfit makes me want to rush out and buy an SD girl, and then bid frantically on your outfit. Or maybe the other way around. In other words, I LOVE it.

  6. It’s adorable! Kinda anime-magical-girl-looking but still gothic-lolita-ish. You shouldn’t knock your dressmaking skills, it looks wonderfully well-made to me!

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