Mimi F-13 Explosion

It has only been, er, fifteen days since I ordered Fifi (did I mention her name is Fifi!?!?)… I cannot stand it. So I’m gonna list all my favorite F-13 links. Please let me know if you have ones to contribute and I’ll eventually have a nice master list. I know I’m missing some, can’t track down the link. Darnit.
Rin’s Laila 1 , 2 , & 3
Kiss-Shining’s Valentine13
Kyrie’s F-13
Merveille’s Kratoughma & Black Lolitas
Heavenly’s Odette, Rowen , & another beautiful friend of Heavenly
Kyon’s “Leicester Square”
Doll’s Drug Kingdom 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Betty’s Katy
Alice in Nightmare’s Mitsuki, F13, F13 Beauty White, F13 Beauty White 2, Gekka Mimi, Mana,
Japanese Links I can’t name because, well, they’re in Japanese!


ooooh… that was my 100th entry! nifty keen!

4 thoughts on “Mimi F-13 Explosion”

  1. Ooo… I think my favorite one of all those is Heavenly’s Odette. Sooo pretty! Can’t wait till you get yours… I wanna see her! 🙂

  2. isn’t she though!?!?
    I have sooo many favorites. I love Kyrie’s… but the eyelashes are a bit too extreme for me personally.
    Merveille’s costumes are my favorite. Ever. I love the modern/historical mix. It is my thang, baby!

  3. amazing, odette is beautiful! just to add a few:
    the f13/sd13 combination at needlwaker’s was the first combination i fell in love with, and i still adore her with that beautiful gold wig.
    lovely u also had the most gorgeous mimi faceup that i’d ever seen, and that doll was actually what i had v13’s facepaint based on. looks like they no longer have her photo up, though… =;_;=

  4. Ooooh. Thanks Valentine! I’ll add those to my list. I do wish the lovelyu.com Mimi was still up. I was looking at them this morning (posted to DOA???) and they’re gooooorgeous.
    I poured over existing mimi face-ups. and in the end decided to go with the spooky volks as I *know* I’ll want to add to it. I’m noodley that way. But I did find the PERFECT EYEBROWS *after* I’d placed my order. I think that seems to be the hardest, the F13 eyebrows. I at least asked Volks to make them “soft”… we’ll see though!

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