Merry Christmas!

Happy Saturnalia! from the Angels of Blastmilk!

This was my official christmas holiday card this year! So fun to print something custom, but I wish I’d been able to print more and send them to more people. Poo! But in any case, Happy Solstice et al to all!
And my Christmas has been fab and bursting with love and loot. I’m not used to being spoiled, but it is all the love I couldn’t live without. Sigh…
We made a wee trip to Reno to junk shop but ended up getting comped a suite at the Peppermill o_0 so stayed the night. They haven’t figured out we don’t spend any money yet, yay! Ha! Came back with tbe best loot ever from the Reno antique shops. Dolly clothes haul GALORE, I’ve never been so lucky. Not to mention picking up a smoking boudoir doll for cheap. When we got home I had the largest box in the world waiting for me Friday… the FCS body for Demelza & Angelica the First from NotDoll from Celga… and it had been opened by customs! All was lovely though, celga had to custom build a box to ship them both. The FCS body came in what I assume is a Sato FCS box? It is white with “angels nest” tissue inside, very pretty. And the body is LOVELY. In perfect shape, with apple perky boobies et al. Angelica is a dream, her skin is palest pink. Her face is so delicate and the coloring so rosey yet soft at the same time. She came with her original outfit and one of the Glory Angel AR boy outfits… neither of which she is wearing right now. The christmas pix below are all the vintagey clothes from Friday’s Reno haul (and there’s so much more!). And my mother in law sent a LOAD of hand knitted caps, scarves and ponchos for the girls. Never seen anything so cute! Lulu is sporting the baby blue set.
An extra Happy Christmas from Demelza, Leopoldina and the new little Lizzie Lou Oiseaux!

P.S. I keep looking at this picture… it is so lovely I want to cry. Happy.

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  1. Gyaaaaaah!!!!
    Everyone looks so lovely!
    Especially Ondine Alice~ Oh…i just
    adore her beautiful little face!

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