I’m home today with a terrible infection that makes me unhappy. My skin is not my friend. But I’m waiting for Liebchen which cheers me up a bit, but then she’s not here and it is 4:33pm which again makes me sad.
Mr. Kallisti is obsessively finishing up his Batgirl Dollfie project. He started her last year, and then half way through the root job he rested her head on the heater and melted all his hard work. He’s just now got over the devastation enough to finish her up. He’s finished rooting and he’s now gel’ing and setting her hair into flip curls. I’M SO IN LOVE!

Saw King Kong last night. Peter Jackson is the only director you can throw $3478234 billion dollars at and he’ll still make a movie with heart. REAL sweet monkey heart, not fake Ron Spielberg heart :p Best. Movie. Ever. For now anyway…
It has been raining non-stop for almost three weeks. Really puts a cramp in the one commission I took for the holidays but I finally found a few dry hours this weekend. Also repainted Medora. She’s lovely, but has really scary thin eyelids! Careful kids, I imagine they’d break easily!
More pictures in April when we have sunlight. Nyah.
Still searching for couture for all the smaller dolls that are here and on the way.
Um, what else. Oh! Yeah… bad week hormonally and medication wise. I’ve been rolling down the car window in small yuppified mountain towns and screaming “I HATE YOU!!!” at all the latte swilling mofo’s that have ruined the universe. As well as standing in the middle of a Berkeley Super Market yelling “I HATE HIPPIES! Fookin’ pumpkin, zucchini, raisin tamales! I hate you!”
K, for those that know me you might be a little shocked. Mr. Kallisti thinks it is hilarious, as do I… but the sudden tear bursters that go along with this sort of erratic behavior are making me feel like a crazy person. So back on the lexapro with me.
I still hate hippies. I think there should be a concentration camp for people who put raisins on their pizza. SERIOUS.

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  1. Bwahaha! I’ve been there too (guzzles her lexapro) *hugs* hope you get things to get somewhat together…I know how that is…and WOW! Your hubby is amazing…mine I wouldn’t let too close to my bjd…he can stick to his toy, er…MODEL trains

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