Masha, Masha, Masha!

In my best Jan Brady impersonation.
I’m so slammed I can barely take it all in about the Sasha/Masha release! And my inbox is filling up with the wonderful news. Aieeeeeeeee! I’m cramming for dollectable, busy at work, and we fly out to London on Wednesday. Veritably, I am dead.
Here’s the short of it: Last year I posted a petition to beg for the re-release of Sasha, a very rare super dollfie that myself and numerous others pined after. It was signed here by 111 people. I turned it over to Mr. Shigeta in person, President of Volks at the August Tea in ’06.
I can hardly believe it… ten months later, at the NYC Dolpa, they are releasing “Masha,” a Sasha clone, through FDQ dolly magazine. Outfit done by Kaori Saito.
Here is me being the biggest geek in the world (many apologies to Roselynde, the most beeeyoootiful Sasha in zee wooooorld, for the liberties took!):

I’ve done some comparison overlays and feature examination: she’s definately a resculpted head… which doesn’t surprise me as Sasha’s head was a bit on the large side. They had done similar Lucas/Chris as well, so it just made sense. Her head is definately smaller, note the shoulder and neck size in the overlays. While her profile is identical to Sasha’s (and the F16 as well), her eyes are bit smaller, and perhaps less heavy lidded. I thought her jaw was narrower, but once you resize them to comparable size, she actually has a lower jaw, just not as strong, if that makes sense. Her brows line up with Sasha’s, but none of the photos show them in detail. The face-up is paler, but definately in the same vein as the original.
And yes, I do have a very kind soul who has most graciously volunteered to bring her home for me, as I’m on vacation during Dolpa. Cross me feeengers!


The Scoop:
Limited Edition Super Dollfie Girl Masha
$ 858.00 (not including tax & shipping)
Sculpted by: Zoukei-mura Inc.
Doll Design: Valico
Dress Design: Kaori Saito
Doll-eyes: HG Glass Eye: Light Violet 18mm
Make-up: ZOUKEI-MURA Air-Brushed Make-up, UV Coated.
Wig: Original Style (Mixed Color), DD size.
Body Type: Super Dollfie Girl Body, Pure Skin White, UV Protection,
Includes: Doll, wig, dress set, boots.
*The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
*Please be careful as the color of the wig or outfit may stain the surface of the doll.
Ever since Super Dollfie was born,
there have been so many stories created by Super Dollfie owners.
Here and now, another tale of Super Dollfie is ready to be born.
The name of the heroine in this story is Masha.
The story of a small, young girl, who stands up and makes her way in the land of America, is about to start.
Go forth Masha, into great America.
Your future starts now.

VOLKS proudly presents, to all SD fans in America,
a Perfect Super Dollfie, Masha.
We hope she will be welcomed by you.
Order form at:
This just in! Posted by Am of FDQ:

When Volks announced to FDQ their plans for the event doll, this is the email they sent to Pat, who was nice enough to forward it to me. I thought it was so touching I just ahd to share.
In Nov., 2006, VOLKS USA invited all its members to “Halloween Party in VOLKS Mansion,”and all SD owners who came the party gave us wonderful ideas. The ideas were handed during the party. President Shigeta had a conversation with several fans and they handed a letter to him. In the letter, there were strong, eager wishes & messages for reselling Super Dollfie “Sasha” and the collected signatures of 111 fans who have the same wish were enclosed together. Mr. Shigeta doosn’t understand English, however he did understand the enthusiasm by those fans deeply to his heart.
“SD Sasha” was released as a limited edition Super Dollfie for Japanese magazine in 2003, and she was also sold on Hometown Dolpa as limited SD afterwards. “SD Sasha” was coordinated by Kyon, SD Make-up artist back then.
To hold Dolpa in NY2, we had chosen the special Super Dollfie Girl together with wishes from many SD fans who talked with President Shigeta at the party and our hope that is “more American doll fans will know more about VOLKS and Super Dollfie.”
New SD girl was created with a base of “SD Sasha” and was born by a special pair of Chief SD Sculptor, Akihiro Enku and VOLKS Official Make-Up Artist, Valico. Her name is “SD Masha.” Kaori Saito who is SD Dress Designer and has enormous popularity among SD fans designed her dress.
We are sure that Masha will have new stories among many doll fans in America. We also know that she will fulfill our dreams. We are sincerely happy to let “SD Masha” debut at Dolpa in NY2 and FDQ.
With that, we come to the end of our story.
Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Masha, Masha, Masha!”

  1. I am so happy for you!! ^________^ Finally, getting the doll of your dreams… this is so exciting!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Hey, I see Ros!
    I have to admit that I had *really* mixed feelings about a re-release. But after seeing photos of Masha last night, I think she’s a re-sculpt.
    The official SAT analogy would go “F-16 is to F-28 as Masha is to ______”
    Terry and I both think the eyes and jawline are where the diffs are…I’m not sure on the nose, but I’ll be looking into it this weekend.
    Lemme know if you want me to see if I can get a better photo for an overlay.

  3. YAY!!!! While I don’t have the money to get one for myself, I’m gonna be so excited to see everyone else’s and droolllll

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