Maps & Hearts

We haven’t seen enough of these girls! Aphra & Ginevra ♥! Ginevra needs her own body, I miss her so! Dollstown appears to have sold out of the 13B almost as soon as he restocked. Wah. But Gin’s resin is so very white, despite being oldskin, I’m not sure if the new “pinky white” would be appropriate… I’ll have to research.

They are sporting their new ensembles, Aphra in the latest sweet dream Nana’s outfit, so dreamy! And Gin is in the Little Princess Voleur de Rose #3 outfit. You can’t see the cute bloomers, but they are awesome, with red ribbons and all. SD Nana’s waloli dress is superb. The kimono jacket is black chirimin with a plaid obi. The under dress is black cotton with pintucks and plaid cross across the front, and a plaid kilt-like skirt goes on top. I love outfits that are so versatile. You get lots of mileage out of them.
The needlework behind the girls is one of the treasures sent home with us from my Uncle. It hung above my grandmother’s mantle. It says “Made By Joanna Cox in the Thirteenth Year of Her Age 1830” and is a map of England and all her Counties done in cross stitch. I used to stare and stare at it when I was little, and imagine having to do something so magnificent at that age! How lazy we are. Sigh…
Happy long weekend! We’re sure enjoying ours. Swoon.