many squeals

Ah! Two packages!
1) Ajumapama order from Karin. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! The most awesome and gorgeously detailed Super Dollfie shoes ever. Pix to come I’m sure. Swoon.
2) I ordered Tanith Lee’s “Piratica” from since the U.S. edition’s cover is very icky. I am *gasp* very behind on my Tanith Lee, my favorite author ever. Had a hard time reading with all the anxiety and panic (my therapist says I’m multitasking when I’m worrying and reading at the same time. it’s weird.), but that seems to be calming down so I can read again. Woo. And also got BBC’s “Henry VIII” while I was at it, hence the hurry to get a region free dvd player.

Aieeeeeeeeeee! Helena Bonham Carter as Anne Boleyn. I will simply die.

I think we’ve decided to pick up the Cyberhome 300 at Radio Shack tonight. $44 and it has a simple hack:

Hack details:
Power up, no disk in. Status says READ then INSERT DISC.
Press MENU (status reads invalid key icon)
Press 1 (status reads invalid key icon)
Press 9 Menu is displayed.
Press ENTER on the region, digit turns to "-"
Press 0
Press ENTER again
Press EJECT to clear the special menu.

Will let ya’ll know how it goes.

4 thoughts on “many squeals”

  1. Great decision to go region free, you’re so much more unlimited that way. BEWARE however on the player you choose.
    It’s great to get a nice cheap player however, there’s that old adage you get what you pay for.
    The Malata I think is the best rated region free player out there, it’s higher end and more exspensive but there are a couple models around $150. Try
    They should also be carrying a new Sampo model (I have a Sampo from about 4 years ago that needs an upgrade BADLY – I’m headint ot Malata-Land myself) and it’s selling at $98 I believe…
    Hacks are fine too, but lower end players will be bitchy with certain discs, especiially DVD-R’s if you ever end up getting copies from people or boots off eBay (which is sometimes inevitable), and media changes quickly these days.
    ALSO – you’re buying UK discs, so that means you’re not only in a different region but format as well. And MANY region free players will play NTSC and PAL formats however, many of them will NOT properly convert the PAL to NTSC and you end up with squishy looking people on your telly.
    The new model Sampo at has a proper PAL/NTSC converter as do Malata players.
    Hope my long winded diatribe wasn’t too late or uneeded! Good luck ^_^

  2. This machine is supposed to convert pal to ntsc, I’m hoping it does.
    $ is a big issue now, so the cheaper machine will be fine until it breaks. I think the only copied discs I’ll be using is a vcd set I want off of ebay, and it is *supposed* to play those.
    The reviews I’ve read so far have been favorable and a good friend has one of their more upscale machines and is happy with it. But I will definately report back either way!

  3. Sounds cool!
    The PAL/NTSC thing is my biggest issue, so many players claim to do it, and technically they DO convert, but the conversion is off and the picture is screwed, sucks cuz we have tons of UK discs I can’t stand watching more than once.
    Be prepared to be tempted into more spending though, the UK gets a lot of stuff we don’t, or at least, way better editions >_<

  4. After much finaglin’, BAD DISK messages and platter rotating… We sit down and start watching Hank 8.
    When the first arterial money shot sprays a crimson ribbon across the faces of the front row, my sweet gentle bunny exclaims “RAD!”

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