ma petite Miette

My leetle crumb!

Several days went by without the EMS tracking updating, and suddenly I get a call from Mr. Kallisti, who knew I was worried, that a large box had arrived.
Like magic Miette, my msd Lilith, had arrived! Exactly two weeks since the auction was won. I ♥ Celga! Wowie.
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I was actually really worried there would be something dreadfully wrong with her. The auction advertised her as someone who’d be better off with someone comfortable with esthetics, her wig was all messy and the auction photos were bad. But she’s perfect! A little smudge by her knee and that was all.
She’s the first MSD I’ve seen in person, and the first pure skin snow. I marvelled at her for some time before dressing her, she has the best *feel*… all of her joints click so comfortably into place and she has a marvelous center of gravity. And her resin is just SCRUMPTIOUS. While the volks makeup is lovely and delicate, they kind of accentuate her downturned eyes and the lips are all one blobby color. I can’t wait to get my li’l mits on her face. Mrowr.
Thanks to Mia who traded me the Merveilles outfit! I will get better pictures when I have a more suitable wig to go with it, this one is too poofy with the poofy dress. I thought some of the wigs I had bought for Trinian that were grossly over large would do for her but she’s got a big li’l noggin! Which surprised me, since Volks has been producing much smaller heads recently. But even this mohair wig, which is meant for msd, is super snug and I had a hard time pulling it down over her large forehead.
Wigs are coming, it is only a matter of time.

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  1. Were did you got those wigs they are gorgeus….Can you give me a good place were I can buy nice outfits for the dolls, thanks

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