M is for Mmmmmmedium boobies!

Now, I *thought* the sample SD10 body at the LA FCS boutique had bigger boobs. And this proves it! You can now get the SD10 body w/ small, medium or large boobs. This pic brought to you buy YJP auction I just bin’d! This will be Demelza’s new body. So sweet! Can you stand it? Wee apple shaped botticelli’s! They actually look like pubescent budding boobage, as opposed to the sweet wee slopers of the SD13. SO CUTE. I ♥ Volks SO MUCH!!! Now to prepare Demelza’s Sylvie body for the auction block. Woot! After getting Liz and SD Nana I’ve been more desperate than ever to update Demelza’s older pure skin body, but it wasn’t until I saw the different boobtasticness (and bonus FCS hands!) that I freaked and bin’d.

Anyone have pix of the large? Hmmm?

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