Love Letters Between A Gentleman & His Sister

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Best. Weekend. Evar!
I’m pleased to introduce you to Lysander Menace, Lord Foppington (White Cat Chris) and Miss Aphra Diver (Anais). I spent the week painting. They’ve turned out just how I wanted. Lysander is a bit on the delicate side with a fondness for Laudanum and can frequently be seen hacking attractively into a monogramed hanky of the most delicate lawn. Hermione & Lysander are twins, Hermione being the more robust of the two, which makes sense as she’s the elder by five minutes.
Miss Aphra, his some time companion, is a bit of a wild mare with a penchant for literature and a passion for the theater. She’s spent some time on the continent spying for his Majesties government for very little gain, but picked up some continental skills none the less. Miette is Aphra’s natural daughter, left on the continent to be brought up in a convent.
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Aphra & Hermione are sporting the Bastille Day outfits… presented here to revel in the detail a bit more. Lysander, Lord Foppington is sporting the latest by “Romance of Venice.” Simply gorgeous, though no hat *sad face* but surprised me by coming with the most awesome of riding boots! Sexay!

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