Look what crept up on me today…

peeking out from behind the jasmine bush:


Demelza Grimwig
I haven’t yet decided on yer middle name. Believe it or not her cool-aid punch airbrush lip job looks much better in person. All the same, she’ll be getting an overhaul soon. I am so in love I could perish from glee. She’s flawless.
The wig is from Lemonade Doll and is absolutely gorgeous. When I ordered it off of YJP I thought it was just baby blue, but when it arrived it is actually baby blue and pink interwoven. *swoon*


2 thoughts on “Look what crept up on me today…”

  1. she’s… breathtaking! Ohhh how pretty! I love that wig! so I take it she’s a faeire? Demelza… nice name. Perhaps a group picture would be in order… save for Miette…being as she has no body… O.o

  2. Now that I see her, I think Demelza is a perfect name! It suits her wonderfully, and that wig is stunning! I can’t wait to see your repaint. 😀

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