Lizzie Lou Oiseaux

My leetle acadian minx. The littlest refugee.

I totally love her. She arrived today after the long weekend. What a treat! And I just stopped crying yesterday o_0
She is an Angel Region / Notdoll Lab Angelica UFK kit! She has the cutest notdoll lab logo relief in her head cap.
The body is very sweet, poses well and stands on her own. The hands are very cute. Well sculpted and balanced. Not quite as fine as Volks but very good indeed. And the resin is a very pale pink. Lighter than I expected, nice surprise! I was afraid they would be rougher than usual, being a kit, but no, the head was ready to go and the body seams were the same as always.
I’m very pleased.
Oh! But I need 16mm eyes, if anyone has nice glass they’d like to sell let me know, I don’t have any 16mm.

8 thoughts on “Lizzie Lou Oiseaux”

  1. Kallisti,
    I’ve been lurking at your blog for quite awhile here. I surfed in sometime last year to look at a picture of a Volks 23 cm dollfie curled up in a Bratz egg chair. I love your sense of style and your beautiful dolls.
    This past week, you’ve been one of the sources I’ve turned to for accurate news out of New Orleans. I am very glad that it seems like your friends in the city are safe now. I don’t know anyone who has personally been directly affected but I’ve got to say I’m really overwhelmed by this national and international human and cultural tradgedy.
    I’m glad you have your latest addition to take your mind off the awfulness for a few hours. I did sort of the same thing, assemling my K-doll Kian boy a few weeks early just to work on a project that didn’t seem tainted by all this.
    Congratulations on your tiny acadian sweet heart.

  2. Thank you! You are very kind!
    And thanks to everyone who has sent messages this past week. I haven’t responded to them all but all were much appreciated.

  3. She’s absolutely stunning! I was wondering when she’d arrive. It’s good to see that she arrived safe and sound. I just love sleepy-eyed dolls. I love her name, too.
    I have my own AR doll on the way. I ordered a Natural Tanning Jade. He’ll be my first AR doll, so I’m really anxious to meet him. Have no idea what to name him yet. AR said they’d ship him around the middle of the month.

  4. :O) you allways make your dollies your own so well i absolutely love your creations
    i was wondering if you can give me any info on anais? i have been interested in buying a super dollfie with the f14 head (the one you called fifi’s sister) but she has anais’s body and i just cannot find anything about her, and i thought if anyone would know its you
    ( ”;)

  5. Oh, she OWNS that dress!! 🙂 Looks like it was made for her. So beautiful. As always! Congrats on the new addition — glad she came to give you some comfort.

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