Lizzie Lou Oiseaux

Lizzie Lou Oiseau

  • Birthday: September 6, 2005
  • Sign: Virgo
  • Age: 10
  • Type: Angel Region / Notdoll Lab
  • Edition: Angelica the First
  • Head: Angelica
  • Body: crystal rose white skin
  • Esthetics: by NotDoll

Profile: Lizzie Lou and Imogen are sisters. Old time New Orleans creole, they grew up in the Bayou St. John and we invited them to stay with us after they lost their home and family to the floodwaters. The girls are distantly related to Miette, their snooty french cousin twice removed. Imogen is the devil of the two for sure. They give their governess no end of trouble. Once she stole Aschenputtel’s dead mouse collection and left them in Miss Alice’s linen press. To their delight you could hear the governess’ screams echo throughout the house. On her own, Lizzie is a quiet girl, and more prone to dreaming than pranks. She looks after her sister who is prone to bad thoughts.