Doll and Hobby is receiving the preorder next week.
They are getting four Liz dolls.
I was the fifth reservation.
Frank is a sweetheart. Meh. But I am just a bit heartbroken. Fifth. He’s really stunned he’s only receiving four. He thought ten at the very least.
I’m going to go throw myself off the dolly cliff now.

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  1. Wow, I am really sorry to hear this you were so happy to be on the preorder.
    I got the D&H email and saw that they had limited stock on Liz but FOUR?
    As much as I understand the position Volks takes on overseas clientele in relation to their immediate customer base in Asia, It still seems terribly unprofessional of them to not provide a static count of dolls for D&H to distribute so at least Frank can cut us off when he knows he’s sold out and avoid disappointing people.
    The Haute Doll sale went so well in terms of knowing what they had and cutting people off appropriately and they also had a huge supply of Isao’s and Jun’s – I wonder why not the same situation with D&H who’s been doing Volks distro for quite some time now…
    I dunno all the sides to this coin but somehow it seems like a lot of disappointment could be fairly easily avoided if Volks could just say “D&H gets X amount of such and such dolls, end of story, go nuts Frank.”

  2. Oh, man. I always look forward to your photos, and know you would have done a spectacular job with Liz. It is possible, though, that one of those four will be underwhelmed with Liz and perhaps could send her your way… I’ve seen a few sales like that lately. All the best of luck.

  3. Oh B ๐Ÿ™ I’m so sorry to hear this – how utterly devastating. I thought of you when I heard that they got in about 10% of what they had ordered for Liz and hoped against hope that there were at least 50 people on the list, as I remembered that you had been the fifth caller. I was on the list too, and am very disappointed.
    But take heart, because as Setsuna mentioned, there is a possibility that one of transactions will fall through for one of the first four people. And you at least are the next in line should that happen. One never knows.
    You may still get your Liz yet, Miss K. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you xxxx

  4. hi there, i dont know if this helps but there is a liz doll for sale on ebay uk ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. ๐Ÿ™ I’m really sorry to hear this. I’m hoping that one of the 4 transactions will fall through as well, and if so, you will be able to get your Liz.

  6. Aww… Kallisti I know exactly how you feel as I was number 6 – right behind you!!! Poopy. I’m indulging in a giant chocolate sunday. I really hope you can find her somewhere else. My bright side is my friend is willing to go to Sato for me to do an FCS (she lives really close). Maybe you should get another dollie.
    I agree Girlcreeture, I wish Volks was nicer to Frank. He works so hard for all of us and they just don’t seem to give him respect (I mean just a little info). Anyone who has dealt with him knows how great he is.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon Kallisti!!! I’m sure it will work out somehow – I’ll be hoping someone backs out for you!!!

  7. Ouch. I remember a while ago, when Tsukasa Konoe came out, I called to order him, but I chickened out, because DH couldn’t guarantee they’d be getting enough in.
    I do agree with all the rest of you: how hard could it be for Volks to set a few aside for DH? I realize they do want to not disappoint their asian base, but I don’t think anyone could say we’re not as dedicated as they are. And to think “at least ten” and get four…. is very aggravating.
    In other words, (HUGS).

  8. I’m sorry it fell through like that! You seemed so excited for Liz. Were you going to try and aquire one from YHJ or eBay once you know that those four that DH has get homes?
    It does seem sorta.. can’t find a good word here.. sorta, crummy? that they only got him four. Does Volks KNOW how many they are going to prodouce, sell at Dolpha, send to other distributers? I mean, if they know how many they are going to make, they should be able to give him a set answer.
    I seeeem to recall this happened with Japanese version Madoka..? Maybe I’m mixed up a little.
    But anyway, I wish you dolly luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Aww, that sucks a whole lot. But i’m sure you’ll have a chance to buy a liz on the second hand market if you really want her! or, if you decide that it’s too much dissapointment for now, you’ll have pleanty of money freed up to acheive some of your other dolly goals, and maybe a liz will come along later.

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