Doll & Hobby still doesn’t know when the LE dolls are going to be in and Volks hasn’t even told them how many they’ll get yet.
I’m afeared it will be with that September thing. I would be very sad. But happy I didn’t pay too much! Happy!
Also, I got the msd gothy schoolgirl outfit from Celga and it was missing the black top *mad face!* The auction didn’t say anything about it not being the complete outfit and the picture is gone now but I’m sure it was all folded up in the package so you couldn’t really tell what was in there. I’m pissed. It is an expensive way to get an outfit and it wasn’t even complete. Grrr. I can make it easy enough I’m sure. Also the tie is a real tie. Like I can tie a real tie. I’ll have to have Mr. Kallisti tie it for her.

Grumpy. At least I have the little dollheart creepers to go with. I think Miette is going to knock Trinian down for it. Sigh, those girls…