I can only find two auctions so far for the Dolpa 13 Liz, whereas there were 2384734 auctions for Heath (that handsome stud). She has the new split torso, special sitting legs body!

And she has my nose.

6 thoughts on “Liz.”

  1. Arrrrrrgh. It’s killing me, this. Whilst it’s great that there are so many Heaths (I *will* have him!), the lack of Liz auctions is making me nervous. Egads, and she has a split torso? I was so disappointed that she might have a SD10 torso, which are pretty crummy when it comes to any sort of posing ability. And the legs! And her face! She is absolutely beautiful.
    But…I have a feeling my chances are slim with the online After Event; I only hope Liz isn’t as rare as she first appears….

  2. Your thoughts mirror mine exactly.
    I’ve been really lucky with Sylvie & Lilith though… both I got for under market and even under retail!
    But NOT hot off the presses.

  3. Wow, you did have some luck with Sylvie and Lilith – under market! I am currently biting my nails and a thousand thoughts are crowding my head: it could go either way, this wave of auctions. Could be just the foamy tip of a larger wave, or could be but a ripple. I don’t want to be standing ankle-deep waiting for the “big one” that never comes though 🙁
    Oh, agony, agony!

  4. Ahhh, her body looks like a bigger version of SDC! That’s nifty.
    I wonder if she has the new magnetic headcap like Kurenai does.

  5. Arr! Stop posting pics of her! She’s so frikkin perfect, a perfect mix of Anais and Momoko (IMHO) >__pant – faint – thud<

  6. It’s like she was made for you! I hope you do get her… Apparently Domuya are taking pre-orders for the Dolpa Limiteds, but they mark the prices up a fair bit. Good luck!
    – Therese

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