Licca Licca

I’ve downsized the collecting by downsizing the object of affection:
Super Dollfie = 72cm
Licca = 22cm
YEAH! With a mini pricetag (comparatively) to boot.
(courtesy of Licca Castle)
I’ve been obsessed with Kimono/Traditional wearing Licca & Jenny lately. We’re still in the “steady she goes” spending mode… so it is mostly mooning at limited editions on the internet.
Like these gals from Licca Castle:
Oh gawd.

2 thoughts on “Licca Licca”

  1. Those are really cute! I especially love their little geta! I’ve always enjoyed having Kimono Jennys around, it’s nice to see the sweet details they are giving the Liccas now.
    Right now there are some pretty good deals on older kimono Jennys. I don’t know if you know TikiStitch on Live Journal, but she has been selling a number of hers on eBay under the moniker Animetoys.
    Very pretty!

  2. “Downsizing”? Are you getting rid of some of your larger girls or just resolving not to get any more? :O
    Love that second girl’s kimono! Vintage-y numnum.

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