Leopoldina gets a new toy.

Lulu plays with her toy hearse.

And a new hat! The lovely Lynette made her this hat in an effort to give me instructions on a felt tricorn. So fab!

Her wig is an FCS only color. I love it!
I got my RSVP invite from Volks this morning. I’m still a bit discombobulated about not being able to bring Mr. Kallisti. The Tea on the 19th is for invited Owners only with no exception. I sent in my RSVP but I’m not sure that I’ll go.

3 thoughts on “Leopoldina gets a new toy.”

  1. That’s wrong that they didn’t invite your husband, too, even though he’s not an owner. It also sounds a little sexist.

  2. You are so cool. For the Hhusband thing, I think that they expect so much people that they don’t want to add all the possible company someone might decided to invite: Imagine the fuss.
    I am sure he will find something manly to do while you dollpa!!!

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