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Regarding the tattoo art kimono fabric, you can read the history of the Sailor Jerry tattoo here. The kimono pattern I adapted from this 19″ kimono doll pattern, just enlarge by 121% for SD13. It is a lovely pattern, and easy to follow.
Praise be to Mr. Kallisti for making hand carved shiney black platform geta! I need fatter cord though. It looks the suck with what I have. Oh well. *blows raspberry*
This was a very fun project. I had so much fun picking out all the fabric. I probably totally screwed up kimono etiquette, but I’m like that. Ignance as Art. Honestly though, if you know something about kimono and can give feedback, I’d love to hear it!

10 thoughts on “Kimono”

  1. Well, asside that she’s dead due to the way the kimono is folded on her chest (I know… you were going for that ^^) It’s stunning! I love! 😀
    You inspire me!

  2. ohhh you never fail to amaze meeee! ^____^ I love it, and Fifi is lookin guuuud, heh you should do commissions~_^ I’d love to have a kimono for my doll one day!

  3. She looks great. The kimono is very good.
    But, I do think the obi is a little bit on the thin side. It should have a middle layer of something like bendable card board so that it can keep its shape.
    As for the geta’s cord, I have seem some hand made cord using the kimono fabric.

  4. Yes! I tripled the obi fabric and put interfacing in it, but it is still a bit floopy. I could probably just insert something that goes across the front.
    And I’m going shopping for something more suitable for the geta tonight! *Crosses fingers*

  5. I’ve been checking your website regularly and you’re really an inspiration. I have a Blythe and really want to turn her into a gothic lolita but never finds the time. The fabric is amazing and you did such a great job. You’re my hero!

  6. hi, i love your fifi she is so lovely, :o)
    you mind me asking where did you get those horns????

  7. Where did you get the fabric? I have been trying to find old skool tattoo fabric for a long time.

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