It’s chicken fryin’ time!

For all those who think “Oh, she’s got a Super Dollfie now. She’ll forget aaaall about all her wee ones.” the answer is “FAT CHANCE!”
These girls are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. And I luuuuurve them so.
Here’s the latest. Kallisti Doll is goin’ to the county fair to man the kissin’ booth in her chicken fryin’ outfit! Thanks be to Christina for the wee flurfy chicks.

She’s wearing her Azone Valentine’s Day ensemble (please note the gingham teddy that she is holding). Now, I have to say, the obitsu body is not my favorite, but it sure do have the best cleavage. This dress is *perfect* for busty girls! I might go back and get the pink one too. Aaagh. No I won’t. Please stop me.
And now… Mazzy grows up! I sold her ninie body, and she’s now inhabiting my beauty white K body. Yum!


I’m not quite used to her with the giant boobs. She may not have them for long, but she looks scrumptious here.
Lastly, we have Mod Gretchen. She stripped poor Calendar Girl Tamaki, took her clothes and then sold her on the open market! Those germanic ladies sure are tough cookies!

This whole evening was an excersize in lighting. We’re trying to solve our indoor photo problems. Mr. Kallisti picked up some clamp lights and outdoor light simulators that don’t have the yellow of incandescent bulbs. And my brother sent over an umbrella. I have to admit, I have very little patience for all this and Mr. Kallisti has been doing the hard work. Bless ‘im!