It’s a BOY!!!

Holy moly. I kinda regret ordering the seam removal as it will take an additional month (end of July). Maybe I’ll see if they’ll cancel the service -:blushy face:- <- note new attempt at -:emphasis:- .... "*" is *so* 1995. Cuz you know zounds! is just too hard to type when you do it for a living :p
omg, omg. CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSS. never thought it possible. 2nd only to the love that is Sasha.
I’m feeling guilty and a little bit piney for the sato boy I’d been planning. Next year??? -:falls over:-

2 thoughts on “It’s a BOY!!!”

  1. Congrats~! (trows confetti in the air) When my Chris and Lucas come in we should start a cat-boy harem. ^ ^ Who’s up for a cat fight?!

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