It bears repeating

On a journal entry, Fancyboots was contemplating sculpting dolls in different scales. Since I don’t philosophize about the dolls much here I thought I’d repost my response:

I think in general I prefer more mature dolls. That usually translates into larger in size when it comes to BJD, unless you look at unoa w/ the large milk part. For a smaller/younger doll to capture my fancy they have to have a certain quality… that is usually petulance, spookiness, sadness or really pooty lips ^_^ One thing I love about ABJD is the adolescense of the dolls. They’re neither saccharine babies nor busty hoochie mamas. Liebchen fits into this grey area in a lovely way. I love that sort of 11-18 age zone of blossoming girlhood. No matter what the size. And I don’t care about all my dolls having to fit in. Their world is a dolls world so they don’t have to be to scale with eachother. I do like the larger size because they are so easy to sew for though.

And these pix I took for Aimee this morning when discussing dollrooms. Fun!
Anatomy of a Doll Room:

3 thoughts on “It bears repeating”

  1. aah! it’s always so fooling, because when i look at your photos (which i like very much, and is the reason for my visiting your site so often to peek at your lovely new dollies) i can’t imagine them as dollsize, but in their room and as big as people. you do such a good job making their world ‘just right’ and BELIEVABLE.

  2. Hiya! I don’t know if you remember me but we met and talked briefly during the Volks party and store opening weekend.
    I commented on how I love your dolls, style, doll room and photography.
    Okay, I have to ask! Where did you get those cool floors for the doll room? Any chance they make any hardwood floors??? XD

  3. Hi! It is actually checkered shelf paper we got at the hardware store :p
    You CAN make nice hardwood floors! It would just take some work. Lay down the planks, then sand and stain them.

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