Io Saturnalia!

Lord Foppington Presides as The Lord of Misrule over the Saturnalia Festivities at the Blastmilk Home for Wayward Girls (and one boy).
Yes, wee Dropsy is hidden in that cage Ondine is dangling menacingly. Notables missing from the festivities are: Demelza & Ermengaarde, who are both in the head cabinet sulking.

Saturnalia (December 17th – 23rd) was the Roman feast of Saturn (Chonos, or Father Time, if you like). A raucus eat, drink, and be merry fest during the darkest week of the year to lure back the sun and crops. Masters served their slaves as the whole world was turned topsy turvy. There may be some connection between Saturnalia and some later Catholic Christmas celebrations. Most notably in England where it was the Lord of Misrule who presided over Twelfth Night festivities. Christmas festivities we once so unruly (think “carnival” and “mardi gras”) that the Lutheran reformers of the 16th & 17th centuries frequently tried to outlaw Christmas.
In any case, I love the sparkly things, the smell of the christmas tree, and the shiney, vintagey baubles.
Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukah!

4 thoughts on “Io Saturnalia!”

  1. oh what wonderful photos! lovely lovely lovely! hope the new year treats you & the girls very well! xoxo

  2. ohhh your pictures make me so giddy, its like a treat seeing all your lovelies dressed up all together! there’re all so beauuuuuuuuuutiful!! ahh your #6 is sparking my love for that mold all over again, must order fcs.. anywhos, love it!!

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