Introducing Miss Fifi Mahony!

She’s been here all afternoon, and after running some errands we were finally able to sit down and open her! And then I’ve been taking pictures all evening.


Ohmigosh. I can’t tell you how beautiful she is. I wasn’t prepared at all! When I pulled her out of the box I just sat there, turning her around and around. I am completely in awe. I honestly wasn’t sure how in love I’d be with her face, I began to have doubts. Mimi sometimes doesn’t photo well and there are certainly plenty of unflattering pix of her out there. But she is superb! You just have to be careful lighting her nose *wink*

They didn’t do the face-up that I asked for though >.<

But you know what? That is ok. Cuz she’s gorgeous, even with the default natural make-up. Besides, I want to redo it myself anyways, and this will give me more of an excuse now that I don’t have to worry about messing up a custom volks gothy smokey make-up job.
So, I’ve been playing with wigs and outfits all afternoon. The pink one is a re-styled poshdolls wig, the other ones are obviously Volks. The wig she came with is unbelievably gorgeous. An inky midnight blue. I might, after a bit, iron it straight after all. Haven’t decided yet! And her eyes, volks glass neosium, are stunning! Sometimes they’re rosey lavendar, sometimes they’re purple, and sometimes even pink! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! I die!

Ok, I’ll hush up now. You can go see the pictures. Here’s a teaser…

5 thoughts on “Introducing Miss Fifi Mahony!”

  1. OH SHOOT.
    I had been able to quell my Mimi love for a while now but but but… you’re not helping me here. Okay, I’d already made a pact to not buy any more Blythes than I have preordered and ordered already, but now I have to stick to it to save for Mimi… LOVELOVELOVE. You know with the amount of Bs I’ve bought I could have gotten probably a standard Mimi. Oh well, the Bs make me happy…
    SHE IS GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Where is my Mimi, my precccioussssssssssss.

  2. *squeeeee* I love her! I love the default wig she came with… I’m not really a fan of the default Volks wigs, but that is a gorgeous color… and the style looks so great on her! She was definitely worth the wait, huh? She’s so cute! I like the custom wigs too… I’m looking forward to seeing more pics form you. Not enough people actually have the guts to goth up their dolls… and it can look so COOL. Well, I think you’ll make it look cool anyway. (Some people really make thigns ugly when they goth them, but you have an excellent history). COngratulations!

  3. Oh man. I wanna come over and see.
    You need a real camera. Or somethin.
    Listen, I have lights and reflectors and stuff you can have on permanent loan or whatever. Your dolls ROCK.
    Did I mention they rock? Cause they do.
    They ROCK.
    Almost as good as Romeo void …

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen! That was my brother (Dr. Biggles) and my husband (Meathead).
    Feel the love!

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